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28 Jun 2007
Hi im new to the forums. could anyone tell me how to order an access card. I have searched the official site and i cant find anything. Thanks.
Go onto the site and select tickets and membership drop down, then choose citycard, you have to then fill in a form and pay 20quid (i think) this acts like a season card, but you just buy the tickets you want and get them offered to you before the general access cards.

See link for info...... its worth considering{CF6F2136-FB17-4EA6-A253-A57869C8EC94}

or if you just want an access card for lets say one game, just go down to the ticket office and ask to purchase a ticket, they should then issue you with your own access card for this season, or read this on the site.....


Any non-members should register with the Box Office to obtain an Accesscard, which you will be able to use for the rest of the season. Non-members can obtain an Accesscard by calling 0870 062 1894 (option 1, lines open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).{28053A6E-A963-4351-81D0-C52E3B94F3DC}


They are free at the box office in person if you buy a ticket. I think there is a charge over the phone or net about £2.50 on top of the £1.50 for the ticket booking fee.

Therefore you save £4.

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