Adama Traore

Gaudion M

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5 Sep 2014
I really struggle to see what he'd bring to the side apart from one very specific (and rare) scenario where our backs are against the wall and we need a threat on the break.

In terms of 95% of our games, where we're camped on the edge of the opponents box looking for the breakthrough, how does he contribute to that?
Agree - he's a great player for teams that play on the break. For 80% of our games he would be a bad fit. For some of our tougher games where position is more equal and we do get breaks he could be a good option but I'm not sure he has enough to his all round game to make it with us. He would end up being peripheral and that would be bad for his form.


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11 Sep 2015
His end product after he's beaten the man is still very questionable. Anyone who say says he never beats the man has never watched him play though. He gets the cross in 9 times out of 10.


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14 Dec 2008
The Palladion
Still don’t think we’ll buy him but his raw power and sheer pace are frightening. Even against parked teams, he’s a threat, especially in the final third of games when defenders tire, and we collectively tire teams out like no other. Save for the 6-0 demolition of Chelsea last season, I haven’t seen Sterling terrorise a team throughout a game with his pace, and with Sané gone we no longer carry such a potent threat. If we don’t buy him, I half expect Liverpool to go for him, as he tormented them in January- never seen Robertson so uncomfortable, so we’d better get a fast defender.

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