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    30 May 2011
    Neither here nor there!
    Great stuff, yeah i was going to append it to say ignore the lemon top note and that the dry down is the surprise. Really happy you liked it bud, mostly because i don't have a pissed off blue outside my house shouting about me owing them 30 quid for a bottle of shite they bought haha.

    I have ordered a few more aventus "clones" not because i am cheap i just like the profile so anything around that with variations seems low risk for a blind buy. Some of them are not even cheap tbf. Mancera Cederat Boise, L'Adventure - Al Haramain, Insurrection 2 Pure and Afnan - Supremacy Silver. I shall give you an update if any are worth the cost etc.

    Not personally but here are the reviews on fragrantica Doesn't look good to be honest. I would consider testing Bulgari Aqua Amara if you want a nicely blended aquatic with a creamy/silky tone balancing the freshness.

    So blind people can avoid the fuckers to :-D
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    8 Mar 2009

    Spot on description, the lemon top note soon goes thankfully, loved it once dried down and is a good all day fragrance
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