Aguero to leave this summer

SWP's back

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29 Jun 2009
What if he can’t afford the £3k per year insurance or needs the cash to pay off personal debts? Bit harsh to have a go at the lad without knowing his personal circumstances. £50k can get him on the property ladder if he isn’t already and is a much better investment for someone on £25k pa than an expensive, depreciating asset such as a flash motor.


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9 Dec 2005
Or someone thinks it will be worth a few quid in a few years time. Not the most outlandish notion.
4 bids already retracted, and a Sergio is listed as a previous owner now on the V5 now as it states, he won't be once sold it only retains the one before.

Paying £40k extra as a footballer owned it, I am very suspicious.

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