Airbuds / headphones advice request


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3 Jul 2008
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Need you ask?
Birthday coming up and I fancy upgrading from my two plus decade old cheap as chips Logitech headset.

Given that the sound quality of the old ones isn't totally dreadful I assume that decent quality can be had for not too much money.

I won't be running just either sitting down or working in my shed.

I don't want others to be distracted by any sound leakage.

I have some at the £80-120 range but that seems more than I need to be spent on them.

Any advice from those who know.

Cheers in advance. DBB.
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12 Apr 2019
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I'll be happy to find a pair that has a right sided one that will stay in my ear.

I bought these for the wife. She likes them.

How do you end up with different size ears? I thought they came in pairs

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