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Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by MegaBlue, 3 May 2016.

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  1. Thenumber1blue


    19 Apr 2009
    There would not much justice
  2. bugsyblue


    7 May 2009
    If we are going to play 3-5-2 more regularly we should look to dybala next summer.
  3. St.Pauli support

    St.Pauli support

    17 Feb 2010
    Like you I do see the risk of adding Sanchez to our brilliant attack.
    So I wonder why Pep is committed to that idea so much.
    What's his plan in your view then?

    In contrast to your definition of forward players I would exclude the likes of KDB, 2 Silvas, Yaya, Gundogan (being DM/OM)
    from the top 3 in a 4-3-3 or a 3-4-3.

    That's why I think LS, GJ, SA, and Raz are not enough over a season for those 3 spots - taking into account Foden and Diaz should get some minutes, but it's a bit early to rely on them on a bigger scale.

    I also assume most opponents sit deep and we need 2 natural wingers upfront to break the double-deckers up.
    We therefore mainly will play with 3 'forwards' and only rarely 3-5-2 vs top opponents. Just my opinion.
    That takes a lot of energy and especially later in the season and you need fresh legs on the wings to be successful.

    Pep has seen last season, we need cover on the left wing and a better conversion rate. Sanchez seemed to be THE solution.
    I doubt this view has changed.
  4. St.Pauli support

    St.Pauli support

    17 Feb 2010
    I don't think our record during the season will decide Pep's long term squad development.

    It seems to me, Pep and Sanchez have a very clear agreement about a future at City.
    It was only Arsenal doing the mess and stopping the done deal.
    Sanchez did have good offers and refused, so he had to rely on City to stick to the agreement. That means he has to trust Pep.
    Unless both parties agree to change their plans about a signing for City,
    I would expect Sanchez will move to the Etihad as early as possible.

    Of course City won't 'splash out' money in January. But forget about Sanchez being for 'free' in summer.
    Maybe the signing on fee would be similar to a January transfer. Nobody knows I guess?
  5. arbabarshad


    6 Jan 2011
    This seems to be the view of the manager. Sanchez will be one of the 5 forwards for 3 positions. He will not be in competition with attacking players for midfield role and the younger a like foden and diaz are competition for midfield roles.

    Moreover, players like sane, sterling and jesus are the future of this club and are expected to reach top in 2-3 years time but Sanchez would be for the now as in the next 2-3 years when he and Aguero pass the baton to the future.
  6. joe123


    20 Jul 2006
    i think the reason we were in for sanchez/mbappe without alternatives is simply because they were available. players of that ilk aren't often on the market, so when they are you take the chance. and if pursuit of either or both of them spurs Sane and Sterling on to prove how good they are, then it was a good piece of non-business.
  7. Nelinho


    30 Oct 2016

    I feel we’re not communicating for some reason. Maybe my English are inadequate? Perhaps. Either that or you do not get some key concepts in my post. Or you do get them but you disagree? I don’t know…

    To begin with, I like the reasoning in your post. And I can assure you I have taken everything you say under consideration. Honestly. You don’t know me of course, so you’ll have to take my word for it (lol). But I have indeed done the math regarding the squad depth for certain positions. But we’ll come to that…

    1. Trust me when I’m telling you people do not “get all of that”, I have a lot of experience on the subject. They do not understand the necessity of rotation, for example. An absolute must in modern football, you simply cannot avoid it. Which is extremely complicated in its application, but I’m not talking about that. People expect an injury free player to appear on the pitch every 3-4 days and perform the same, I’m sorry but that is not the case, as simple as that. I have explained it numerous times in this forum, but people kept coming back refusing to accept the reality of physical fatigue and its consequences in terms of performance. A guy replied once something like “Why, don’t they train enough?”, another insisted on the players in question being lazy in that particular match. No, they weren’t…

    Let’s discuss an example, first that comes to my mind. City vs Boro last season. Which occurs 4 days following City vs Barca 3-1. Where the team has given everything, absolutely every fucking thing on the pitch. The work-rate during 1st half was amazing, never expected anything like that, it was almost touching. I’m not sure I would encourage it either. You need to be clever in such matches, you see. Because the energy will not last, it’s impossible. Nevertheless things had evolved positively, City taking the lead just before the end (Aguero, assisted by De Bruyne). Which should have made me relax, but for some reason it didn’t. I clearly remember myself being nervous during the break, smoking one cigarette after another, counting the fucking minutes. You see, had City developed in terms of maturity, that narrow lead would have been enough. If it was Juventus out there, for example, they would have killed the game. Easily. They have the knowledge, they also have the mentality. It could have ended 1-0, they could have scored a 2nd, even a 3rd. By walking, not running. Making sure they will make it until 90’ plus injury time. Alegri could only sub 3 players, you see…

    But it was City out there, not Juventus. Lacking the personality, lacking the cynicism. We kept attacking like lunatics, we kept wasting our energy, but never scored a 2nd to put it to bed. Perhaps “it wasn’t our day”? Perhaps “it was one of those days”? What do you think? Do you remember the chances Sergio and Kevin wasted in the end? Do you remember the criticism they received the following days?

    Finally, do you understand what I’m trying to say? Sergio and Kevin shouldn’t even be out there, my friend. Watch the match again if you can afford the time, please. Focus on close shots on their faces, I mean you could feel their exhaustion. Which means it was not their fault. But Guardiola was still underestimating the PL. And he had to make a fucking statement by winning in a certain way. He didn’t have to, but he had taken the fucking bait. A few weeks later, we all remember how flexible he was in the dying minutes of the match in Germany. But not that afternoon, he wasn’t thinking straight. There were numerous ways City could have killed that match but I’m not going to enter this discussion now, nobody cares (we can do it privately if you wish). But they didn’t. And as you remember, Boro equalized in injury time. Feel free to blame Clichy if you want like so many others, I am sorry but I will not follow you…

    Last season Guardiola received a lot of criticism for rotating in certain matches. While I kept saying he did not rotate as much as he should. Out of insecurity apparently. Plus lack of options he could trust in. Things had to get extreme. Do you remember the Burnley match away? I wouldn’t be surprised if the doctors told him something like “enough is enough”. A selection never to be seen again, right? Extreme measures for extraordinary situations. But he did field Sterling again. And guess what, the boy was injured, right? While a player like Dinho had to be suspended to actually get a well deserved rest. And by the way, since we’re talking about Dinho, could there be a correlation between amount of appearances = f(quality of performance)? Just wondering…

    I don’t think I can add anything else. I would sincerely hope you reflect on the above mentioned stuff while taking a good look at City’s schedule. Believe me, they’re based on reality, facts, not opinion. If you do, perhaps you will reconsider the following statement of yours: “Occasionally, we might find the unlikely event that all our attackers are injured or tired.”. Occasionally? Unlikely? I mean, seriously?

    And if you change your mind, you will definitely take back the following statement: “If Sanchez arrives, he will take games from Sterling & Sane as well as Bernardo Silva & any young players we might think of using.”. Sanchez will take no game from no one, my friend, there will be plenty of playing time for everybody (quoting Guardiola now), all of them are needed. If you’re asking my opinion on Aguero, for instance, given his injury record, his general physical condition status (which is not the same for everyone) etc, ideally a player like him should be used once in a week. Building on this, how about discussing your analysis regarding selection of line-up + bench not for the random match ahead but for a sequence of matches ahead? Players would be rested deliberately in the framework of a masterplan, right?

    2. A couple of brief comments on the squad’s architecture: As it is, we have 4 genuine attackers in SA, GJ, LS, RS (3 of whom are rather inexperienced by the way, plus have not yet fulfilled their potential, still developing). 2 of them are genuine wingers, 2 of them are genuine strikers. Yes, all of them (well almost) can play everywhere, but I would prefer this to be an unforced, spontaneous or / and tactical decision. I don’t want to see Guardiola use Sane as a striker because Sergio is exhausted and Gaby is suspended / injured, for example. We both know he wouldn’t, provided Alexis was around…

    Recently I had a debate with a poster regarding the ways Bernando could be used. For some reason, the appearance of Bernando, together with David, Kevin, all in the same line-up, seemed inconceivable to him. He kept saying “no”, I kept saying it’s only natural for Guardiola. It could be in the framework of a diamond, a 4-3-3 etc. We have already experienced it, right? It won’t happen match after match though. Which means Bernando (as well as David, as well as Kevin) can indeed occupy a forward position, operate as a false winger, he has done it in Monaco. Again, I would prefer this to be an unforced tactical decision (in a match where Guardiola feels we need to cement control of possession, for example), I don’t want Guardiola forced to use BS as a RW because Leroy is suspended / injured and Raheem is exhausted…

    This particular squad depth (combined with the necessity of rotation) can also influence decisions regarding formation, but this is already a long post. Bottom line is that City do need cover in an extra attacker. And even though I understand St Pauli’s position (my post is a reply to his) and I do agree that AS is a complete player, perfectly versatile for City, I believe there is no excuse for not having worked on a plan B. We could have done something even in the last hours of the transfer window, there were relatively reliable plus cheap options out there. Now we can only hope that things will evolve smoothly in the following months and re-examine our strategy on January (actually before January)…

    3. A final comment regarding Foden, Diaz: I have always hated that ridiculously arrogant “galacticos” concept of Madrid. Players were burnt for fun there, the audience demanding “new meat in the arena” every single season. I love the idea of a club developing players while fighting for trophies. But you do agree that balance is extremely delicate? The way Guardiola treated Leroy last season should be taught in seminars. He’s a good kid, I hope one day he realizes how lucky he was in his career choice. Had he fallen in the hands of a Mourinho or a Conte, for example, things could have been significantly different. Would Mourinho be patient? You see, it’s all about instant success for him, right here right now, he doesn’t give a fuck about anything else. Anyway. The difference is that Guardiola and his staff believed that City could see results relatively soon in Sane’s case. And they were right. Foden and Diaz might need more time. By the way, if I’m not mistaken they’re not travelling to Holland tonight…

    Like you, I want to see them develop as soon as possible. But surely that cannot appear to be City’s primary objective? The club has implemented some major investments, City need to establish themselves in the elite of European football. We need trophies domestically, we need CL success. Consistently…

    The kids are part of the project, they are members of the squad. Guardiola and his staff will do everything possible to facilitate their progress. When will they appear on the pitch? When they are ready. Or when there is no risk involved. Because building a winning tradition in all fronts is key, it comes first. It has to be. Which means the possible arrival of an AS, let’s say in January, will definitely not influence their career…
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  8. malg


    16 Apr 2010
    111 this time around
    .......aaaaaannnd breathe.....
  9. Chi-town blues

    Chi-town blues

    5 May 2012
    Yoga ?
  10. Neville Kneville

    Neville Kneville

    26 May 2008
    To me, it's really simple.

    We have money, we had a chance of getting Sanchez, Pep knows everything about Sanchez, the manager's job is easier if we have Sanchez.

    If we had Ronaldo as well, it would be even easier.

    But we would see even less of Sterling & Sané. I prefer to go with them & not have it quite so easy.
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