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  1. andyhinch


    31 Jan 2012
    On the outside looking in.
    This need for extra shorts, is it age related ;-)
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  2. Blue tube

    Blue tube

    24 Apr 2017
    This thread would be a laborious task to read if it wasn’t for two gun Bob, it’s brightened up my week no end. From someone who can’t afford to go away often
  3. allblackcitizen


    18 Aug 2008
    He's already said there's no pissing about. Do keep up.
  4. willipp


    13 May 2011
    Anyone recommend any really good all inclusive resorts for families? Kids 3 and 9 so looking for somewhere no more than 2/3 hour flight so Spain or Portugal.
  5. DenisLawBackHeel74


    20 Feb 2010
    Only AI I’ve done was on a Caribbean cruise last was amazing, although I couldn’t drink enough to justify the drinks package! Believe me I tried.

    we usually do self catering and choose accom with cooking facilities so we can make a few of our own meals and supplement by eating of both worlds imo.
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  6. Final summation as our vacation is drawing to a close. Flights not until late so kept the room on and business as normal. The All inclusive package is available until we leave so fully fed and watered as is the bar and the drinks have been nothing short of superlative. We had our leaving party last night with all the new pals we have met and finishished of in the Blue lounge night club . Plenty of tears and sniffing for the ladies (not that type) and plenty of man hugs and high fives for the chaps although my estrogen levels were high so I sobbed with the ladies but that may have been down to the gin.

    So what I am saying is that the All Inclusive concept isn't just about food drinks and the entertainment but more the all inclusivity of bonding with like minded people both young and old from across the globe in the universal language of happiness and fun. If any one is up for a high quality week in the sun that wont break the bank the I can heartily reccomend the Leonardo for location ambience and also the food which was tip top. VFM is the new watchword and the Cypriots delivered on time first time and every time. They are just like you and me in their genetic make up as the island used to be British so think English spoken everywhere think 3 pin plugs sockets and think driving on the left. So why bother if it's all a little British and the answer is because of the fiery ball in the sky.

    Our camp mates in no particular order.

    The Johnson Family from Doncaster.
    Our Ukranian pals michael and Ghandi who now live in tel Aviv.
    Samir and co ..
    Christina and co from Italy.
    And last but not least our Man Utd Bessie and his mrs from Duckie.

    Hows that lot for All Inclusivity and all one big happy family. I am starting to well up so will log off. That is all and to the naersayers I say maybe give it a try.
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  7. bluevengence


    9 Aug 2007
    shit creek
    Adult only hotels with Tui...not a brat in site.
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  8. RadcliffeRick


    27 Oct 2011
    Kuala Lumpur Via Radcliffe
    Safe trip home Bob. I await your detailed report of your trip.
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    18 Oct 2008
    Been on two AI holidays. One in Mexico is still one of the best holidays we've ever had. 2 weeks on a complex that had 3 different hotels, a golf course and 8 different a La carte restaurants plus 2 or 3 big all day buffet type ones. We got the holiday for £1100 each from Manchester and with how we eat and drank for that 2 weeks it was amazing value.

    The other was in Turkey for a week. There was a dinner bell which created a quewe of hungry, burnt, pissed up holiday makers from all over Europe. It was fucking grim being stood there with your plate.

    So based on my experience the long haul holiday was fantastic value and of a very high standard but the European one was a load of shit.

    Were not mad on long haul really and tend to do self catering. Has some cracking self catering holidays in Lake Garda, Kefalonia and in Portugal and I'm not sure I'd swap those for an AI now.
  10. Ban-jani


    7 Dec 2013
    Went to Cape Verde on one in October. Ended up catching that virus that was in the MEN (no not the coronavirus). It was that bad they stopped a flight coming back to Manchester from the island as 42 people on board were ill. Got drunk for the first 2 nights and then spent the rest of the week there, plus three days when I got back, shitting my pants and throwing up.

    AI are good when you’ve got good company. Nothing to do with our relationship but I have had a better time in a group than just with my mrs, as you can get a bit sick of each other and the conversation in a group is more interesting.

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