Another Rochdale?

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6 May 2013
I've got a lot of family in Barrow and there's a girl has just gone public about the abuse she's received at the hands of a gang of men who have been bringing her round the North West and elsewhere to have forced sex with men. She's 19 now, and has come out publicly, but I think she says it's been going on for a while. The girl herself has been arrested for perverting the course of justice and breaching bail conditions (though it'd unclear whether this is linked to her publicizing her case, or why she was on bail in the first place), but there are allegations that there's another cover up.


Interestingly, there were allegations from one girl of something similar in 2016 but seemingly nothing was done about it. This girl also alleges that she was shrugged off by police when she tried to report it.

Cumbria police are seemingly denying that it's anything other than an isolated crime.

Those tweets btw are from Maggie Oliver, a former GMP detective and consultant for the drama Three Girls about the Rochdale sex abuse ring.

Sorry it's the Daily Mail.

The girl has gone public herself and her original post is still on Facebook if you want to read her statement.

Hopefully it isn't another Rochdale, but let's be honest, Barrow is exactly the sort of deprived area that these gangs target.


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9 Aug 2015
99% of these ‘Asian’ groomers are of Pakistani or Bangladeshi extraction.
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