Are there less frogs than there used to be?


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9 Jul 2008
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It actually is. I can remember years ago you’d see a frog in your garden all the time, maybe even a couple. I haven’t seen one for years. My grandparents have two ponds in their garden and they used to have thousands of baby frogs around may time.

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9 Jun 2019
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[QUOTE="Invisible Man's Bandage, post: 13898144, member: 87605"wh
I drive all over the UK with my job and I see loads of buzzards all over. They are definitely thriving. Also loads of Red Kites down the M40 but there are far less Kestrels than say 20 years ago. Having said that, I've seen a couple this week.
I can't tell birds of prey apart. I am told we get lots of buzzards here in Cheshire. I can also make an intelligent guess on sparrowhawks on the Dane at place called errrr Sparrowhawk Island which featured on Springwatch.
But your mention of the M40 reminds me of our resident bird watcher who told us to watch out for red kites on an early trip to Wembley. We've been so many times since l can watch for them at the same place with confidence. Liverpool and rags fans would have a trophy for spotting them and claim them as their own because of their name.
Back to animals lve not seen a hedgehog for years.

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