Are there less frogs than there used to be?


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12 Sep 2005
Over Easter I created a small pond with a few plants and left it to develop.

Tonight in the garden I saw a frog suddenly jump across the lawn. Amazing really how it’s found the pond.


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6 Jan 2009
frogs are always associated with ponds, but apart from the breeding season, they live in grasses and under hedge rows where beetles and worms are easy pickings. We used to have a toad living in a rockery, and we didn't have a pond. In my experience, toads have always been scarcer than frogs. The old clay-pits next to Hans Renold was full of the three varieties of newts, frogs, water-beetles, dragonfly larva, , but never saw a toad. Cwms reservoir had a twice-a-year migration across the road leading to the village, to the lake first, then away from the lake later on. Not been for years, dont know if it still happens.
Pesticides. killing the frog's prey is likely to have contributed to the dwindling frog population.


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1 May 2017
Got a few in my garden, the neighbour has a pond, and he has loads of froglets bouncing about when he is working in his garden.
On a slight side note I can't remember the last time I saw so many swifts flying about, we sit outside about an hour before sunset and watch them, then when it's dusk we watch the first of the bats arrive. It's most tranquil.

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