Are you a thief if.....


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9 Jun 2009
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you find money and you decide to take it?

Was on the main forum on the 'I found a wallet' thread and I posted a story about finding money. Basically about 10 years ago me and our kid went to get some booze from Morrisons for a drinking session. When we parked up we noticed a handbag in the space next to us. I looked inside to see if there was some ID in it and found that the bag contained upwards of £2k in cold, hard cash. Instantly I jumped for joy and started going bonkers about it, whereas my older, and somewhat more sensibl brother, decided to hand it in. It had no purse in it, so no ID, just a load of money. My arguement to my bro was that all thats going to happen is the person we hand it in to will clean out the money and then if and when someone comes to claim it they'll just say thats how the bag was handed in. He said he wanted a clear mind about it, which is all well and good if you're well off like he was, but I was in a bit of money trouble at the time and it would have helped me no end. No then, if I had taken it would be be classed as stealing, or is it finders keepers? It WOULD be stealing if I snatched the bag off someone, but to me it was a bag which at that time belonged to no-one and I was more than ready to take that money.

What do you think? And would you have taken it?

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24 Apr 2008
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For me your example wouldn't of been theft, but I imagine others would take it as so. But yeah, fuck what anyone else thinks, I would of took it.

Similiar (kinda) thing happened to me, stood behind a bloke at a cash machine. He walked away, leaving 290 pound still sticking from the machine. Went to shout him back but an instinct took hold and it was in my pocket and away I was.


it's a poser. not moraly right at all, but i'm with you.

it's an opportunity i just couldn't pass up.


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16 Feb 2009
It's a tough one for me really. If I was in your situation and there was no ID then I probably would have taken some of the cash but not all, then handed it in to the supermarket.

The only examples I have of finding money in a purse/wallet was when I was a kid and was playing out with my cousing and we found a purse with a £20 note in it in the field behind her house. We took it back to my house and there was nothing in it but the cash so my mum kept the money.

The other example was a few years back at Bolton train station. My mate noticed a wallet on the floor so picked it up. There was £40 in cash, credit card and a casino membership card with the guys details on and that is it. He wanted to keep the cash and hand the wallet in but I made him put the cash back in and go to hand it in. Just as he did that a breathless guy came runnign up to us asking if we'd found a wallet. He gave us a tenner each as a thankyou and went on his way.

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