Argument today with a rag!


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15 Aug 2008
started speaking about the derby on sunday with a rag today at college and was just having some friendly banter, the usual stuff.

it started to get onto a serious debate then between who would you rather have in your team , ronaldo or ireland? obviously they said tronaldo, i went mad and told him what i thought, overall i would 100% prefer ireland in our team, overall better player and overall better human being than that arrogant twat

what you guys think ? was just wondering, i expect the majority of the answers to be ireland by the way.
I love superman but take away the fact he has played for them and just look at the player and his abilities and it has to be ronaldo. wasnt it 40 goals last year or something ridiculous like that?
45 and he has scored 20+ this season in what people are calling a 'poor' season, we would our strikers to score that many, never mind a attacking midfielder!
Would rather go 0-0-38 with players like Ireland in the squad than win a quintuple with scum like Ronaldo.
Ireland is the best player in the world..


he is just in a team that needs to be a bit better and then the world will realise..

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