Arsenal (A) - Post-Match Thread

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25 Mar 2016
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I don't get this "we didn't deserve to win" that we are getting blasted with. Yes we were shit and maybe even there for the taking. Arsenal could have ended the game in the first half and even in the beginning of the second half.

We didn't give away a penalty! Xhaka did. We didn't have one of our players sent off! They did! So they brought this upon themselves. If they had won this game without the two mistakes with the Penalty and Red Card then yes I would say Well done, they were amazing and we were shit. But that's not how it went. We Won it because of their mistakes so its not our fault, its their fault!

So yes maybe they deserve to win it the way the played in the first half but not what happened in the second half. A Game is of 2 halves and many times we see how things change in the second half. They made mistakes and we took advantage of the mistakes and capitalized. So they messed up. Hard on the others but the fact that Xhaka and Gabriel let them down is what led to this.

We take these 3 points and move on. I hope the players can now recover cause many of them were dead tired!
There have been many times over the years where we have lost or drawn games we should have won. A recent example being the 2-2 draw at klanfield where Milner shouldn't have been on the field to make his assist!
So we didn't play at our best, a lot of credit must be given to the tarquins for not giving us the freedom to do so. But we stuck at it and won.
At the end we got the points and on we go.

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