Article 50/Brexit Negotiations

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by blueinsa, 15 Mar 2017.

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  1. smudgedj


    28 Jun 2009
    Sao Paulo

    I'll just leave this here.
  2. bluethrunthru


    19 May 2012
    Living La Vida Loca
    Hot on the heels of the pledge there would be no snap election.................pledges schmedges off this woman - biggest liar since Blair
  3. mcfc1632


    2 Jan 2009
    I sort of agree. It is clearly true that the UK negotiating team and our negotiating preparations would, IMO, be in a far better position as we approach the start of those negotiations if, within the population, there were many more people with an understanding of how things actually work, are committed to supporting the UK team in securing the best deal for the UK and were calm, considered and professional in their outlook.

    Unfortunately, there Remain a significant, but reducing, number of people still in denial, that wish to reverse or sabotage the process and are incapable of understanding that they are indeed harming the possibility to get the best deal for the UK.

    Thankfully, this election will significantly further reduce the number of these
  4. Sunny Coast Blue

    Sunny Coast Blue

    21 Nov 2010
    Only the nut jobs on here though aye! Most people that can read and think for themselves and are over 30 want their country's interests looked after. Fook the organ donors ;-)
  5. urban genie

    urban genie

    11 May 2008
    Well tell us then what does meghans hair remind us of??

    Shirley this is what your pointing out because bellow it is nothing new and with her record as a liar, about as cast iron as blamange
  6. cibaman


    13 Nov 2008
    You overlooked the mad brexiteers on the tory back benches who are the real reason for her calling the election.

    Apparently the announcement of the election has gone down very well in the EU. They see it as giving her much greater to scope to compromise on the divorce bill, transitional arrangements and trade.
  7. Gelsons Dad

    Gelsons Dad

    22 Nov 2007
    Zurich Switzerland.
    They are only kidding themselves.
  8. Len Rum

    Len Rum

    27 Nov 2012
    The name's Rum, Len Rum.
    So give us some details of your hard Brexit scenario.
  9. The perfect fumble

    The perfect fumble

    3 Jun 2012
    You repeat this over and over again, I get it, but I do not accept it and I'm not alone.

    You keep referring to a good deal as if this good deal is an absolute, a universally accepted identifiable thing that no reasonable person could fail to recognise. You defend May's reluctance to outline what this good deal might look like because this would expose her hand ahead of the negotiations, which, you believe, would seriously undermine our ability to negotiate this good deal, and even though you don't know what that good deal is, you trust May to obtain it.

    You state....

    What you mean is you want more people to understand the mechanics of the negotiations, to understand and accept that a degree of secrecy is required in such matters and that we should put our trust in the "professionals" to act in our best interest, in so doing this will empower them in their honest endeavours to negotiate a good deal on our behalf.

    You believe it is not helpful for us to ask questions about our final destination, or what the repercussions of what May is proposing to do might be.

    Requiring May to tell us what she's going to do returns us, yet again, to your central premise, that this would jeopardise our ability to achieve whatever it is she proposing to do and even though we don't know what she's proposing to do, it is important that the whole country or a significant chunk of it get behind it, whatever it might be.

    You go even further, you justify this election as the necessary action of a forthright Prime Minister. Clearly acting in the nation's best interest, May is appealing over the heads of Parliament directly to the people, to secure a mandate which will empower the executive to control this process completely. This election is necessary to ensure that a newly returned Parliament will understand and accept that they will not be entitled to scrutinise the Brexit process in any way and that their only legislative function is the choice of accepting what the executive has negotiated or rejecting it. If Parliament chooses to reject the deal, we exit anyway, on the basis of no deal is better than a bad deal, which, of course, is no choice at all.

    Yes, you're perfectly clear....The answer is no.
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  10. blueinsa


    21 Nov 2008
    In a thread thats about to get pulled.
    I will give you mine and imo, the vast majority of the rest amongst us who voted to leave.

    Here it is.....

    Are you ready for it......?

    LEAVE! We voted to leave the EU. Get out. Have fuck all to do with it. Never pay a bean into it ever again.

    No soft, runny, sunny side up brexit thats been invented post vote to try and make some sleep a little bit better at nights.

    Leave means leave and it means brexit.

    Does that help you len because i see you posting the same question every single day and regardless of the answer you get, you just keep on asking.

    Are you waiting for an answer you like before giving it up or what?
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