Aston Villa (H) Post Match Thread


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10 Feb 2016
What’s the prick said now ..
Being a **** on 606

Every City caller, he mentions the CL.

Honestly, I couldn't give a flying fuck about the CL today.

Course everyone was disappointed to go out, I was just as disappointed to go out of the LC to Wham but moved on from both after a couple of days.

The Bloke is an absolute prick. Someone is paying him to constantly talk about City and the CL.

Wonder if next weekend he'll ask a Dipper, you bottled it in the PL, you'd rather win the PL.

Will he fuck.


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4 Dec 2009
Jesus Christ just in and wow this team!!

- what a side
- Zinchenko, Gundo and Jesus (all 3 have been linked with moves away and today they were the difference)
- the crowd and the atmosphere
- Pep changing it at half time - correcting the obvious problems
- 22min rememberance

- what knobheads throws flares on the pitch when we are trying to win a game - utter stupidity
- the ‘fans’ who had a pop at the Villa keeper - hope you are banned for life and get sent down
- peps initial selection - I had the same sinking feeling as the CL final when I saw it
- Cancelo - thought he was shite all game (but a great season)
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14 Sep 2009
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The City of old reared it's ugly head and tried to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Then Pep the almighty played a master stroke and made a few subs. There was a powerful movement in the force, all the lost souls reared up and entered into saviour Gundogan. There was a powerful shift, then the mighty blues remembered they were champions and played like they were. They swept the old cityitis aside and the game turned. The evil empire and all it's sycophants were dispatched to the far reaches of the football world and peace and order was brought to the world. I don't often drink, but have now downed practically three glasses of champagne on a practically empty stomach. Oh, we won, We are CHAMPIONS!!!!!!
Whilst I think that is a beautiful summary, we definitely did not sweep the old cityitis aside. :)

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