Aston Villa (H) Post Match Thread


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2 Jul 2008
Standing alone
Anybody else feeling unfulfilled? Like it really shouldn't count because blah, blah fucking blah?

NO? Me neither, fuck off scousers xxx
Bbc news at 10 going with " some may say they are becoming too dominant yet the day was marred by a pitch invasion with the villa keeper being assaulted "
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17 Oct 2014
Dubh Linn
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My son is just in from work. They let him home early. He works behind the bar of a Dublin City Centre sports bar. There was a load of Liverpool heads in but he said the rest of the bar were pretty much cheering City.
There was one Mancunian in at the bar and my lad let him know that he was a City supporter too. I think him running up and down the bar screaming after our third would have been a fair clue anyway.
The guy was a season ticket holder at the Etihad so he got a pint on the house from my boy after the final whistle.

He’s in now, beaming a big grin and waiting for MOTD.

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