Aston Villa (H) Post Match Thread

Lavinda Past

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21 Feb 2012
Like you really care where I am. Fuck you Kyle.
You know, where I was sat, up in Colin Bell 3, we were just thankful it went in. It wasn't until we saw the replays were shown that we all realised what a wonderful strike it was. It will probably be forgotten, like the Dzeko goal in 2021 until we all sober up.
Bloody hell, you've already forgotten it was 2012!



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19 Jul 2020
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Manchester City
"We never bought the league" the dippers sang. No, but you spent millions to get 2nd place. Or are we supposed to believe you get all your players from the slums around Liverpool for free?
FFP or Fenway Fair Play
That Coutinho transfer fee …….they still have money to spend from it.
it’s the football equivalent of a “magic money tree”


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18 Jun 2009
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The Only Team in Manchester!
They don’t half put us through the ringer, do they?

We arrived in our seats at about 2:15, and we were the only ones in that section of CBL3. However, by kick-off, the stadium was buzzing. The atmosphere was fantastic.

Unfortunately, the team's performance in the first half didn’t match the ours. We were woeful and Villa fully deserved their half-time lead.

To his credit, Pep's substitutions were inspired, though I can’t understand why, if Big John was fit enough to play the whole game, he didn’t start the back four that played the second half. Although Stones did well at right-back, he would have been better in his natural position, and Zinc was excellent throughout the second half, his assist for Dave’s goal being one of the highlights of the day.

Before Ilkay scored his first, it really looked like we could have played until midnight, and still not scored. After, it looked like we could have scored at will.

Gabriel was brilliant in keeping the ball down in the corner during time added on. There was never a chance that Villa were going to get it off him.

Well done, Blues. We fully deserved the title again.

Finally, the farewell for Fernandinho was class, as usual by the club. The lifetime season-card row is starting to look rather impressive.


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29 Sep 2016
fuck we were bad today for 70 minute
I’d given up all hope
Players slipping, losing possession, corners shit, defending shit

hopefully unsystematic the end of Stones in right back and also feel it’s the right time for Fernandinho to go

what a team to score 3 in 6 minutes

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