Aston Villa (H) Post Match Thread


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3 Jul 2009
All the subs went crazy, running across the pitch. Except Walker, who legged it down to the corner of the ground where I was in the second tier. Even not 100% fit, he's rapid!
I am in that part of the ground too, glad I was too busy celebrating to miss Kyle running like that and then picking up a corner flag, I’d have fucking shit myself

Bill Walker

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24 Dec 2006
Down under
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Game was on here 1am KO. I was planning on going to bed at HT as I thought we'd be 3 up by then. :)

Course then had to watch 2nd half, by full time I was a nervous fucking wreck, cant believe I didn't wake the wife (and neighbours) up when Gundo scored the winner. Then I was so full of adrenalin I was awake till fucking dawn hahahaha


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23 Nov 2010
Mmm, may I just say, at the risk of being laughed off the forum or ridiculed, that I’m not sure if everyone is aware that MANCHESTER CITY ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!

Good night, I really must go to sleep now because I think it is lack of sleep giving me a mad half hour.

Now now lay off the sherry we can't have, Klopp has just been named manager of the year and Stevie G given the freedom of Liverpool for winning them the title.

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