Away record


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20 Mar 2011
Last year it was 8-4-7 in the league. 28 points. (40% of our all points.)
This year it is 7-4-5 now. 25 points.

3 more away matches, Newcastle, Norwich, Wolves. Hard matches.
2 wins and one draw is a very optimistic calculation this time, but lets say we can win 2 more away from home.
It would be 9-5-5. 32 points at all.
If it is 1 win and 2 draws it is 30 points.

So Mancini could improve our away record by 2 or 4 points max.

Assuming that next year we wont have such a perfect home record (like 18-1-0 or 17-2-0) we need to improve more than Mancini could improve (2/4 points) from last year to this year.


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18 Aug 2010
It's a big ask for next year but not impossible.

I think the rags only won 5 on the road last year? They won the league AND improved their away form this year. It can be done.

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