Ban rich bosses!


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30 Apr 2008
I guarantee that if City were in the same position as Arsenal and our boss came out saying this stuff then 90% would be creaming themselves and agreeing with it.

Football fans are mostly a bunch of self serving hyopocrites.

In fact, mny on here will have been virtually calling for the same thing when United were loaded up with debt but spending when CIty were skint.
19 Jul 2008
It's quite common to overlook the fact that football has become a global business. For quite some time already, in fact. Everybody profits from this new way of doing things. As fans, we get to see superstars play fantastic football (that is, if they put in their penny's worth, etc) every week. The merchandising is nowadays more interesting and fabulous than ever. Everybody wins in this scenario.

The argument runs that England is lagging behind because of the lack of opportunity to nurture home-grown talents. Needless to say, I think it's more of an indictment of the state of English players rather a blame of the influx of foreign talent...


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11 Aug 2008
Moebius said:
I would agree, that you shouldnt be allowed to spend money if the club is heavily in debt, saying that, neatly all the top clubs in europe would go under if that was the case.

Why on earth not?

Maybe we should also have a law that you can't buy more than 2lb's of cheese at a time? Or maybe no 2nd child can be called Timothy?

It's a free country and the clubs should run themselves as they see fit. There's FAR too much intervention in our lives already (FA, UEFA, the government or otherwise) without adding more rules.

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