Barcelona's wage bill has been dropped to 404 (from 566* last season) million euros.. quite amazing actually. Will probably have a summer next season where they bail out the players they probably already have informal (cos cant have option/obligation to sign cos La Liga FFP) agreements with (Joao2) and go back to more standard situation summer 2026. It will take a long time before they give those wages again though.
*down from peak 656m after the Barto deferments.
Their problem is they didn't pay half of that 566m to the recipients.
Genuine question what exactly are these "levers" that Barcelona keep pulling/moving/levering ? We keep hearing the term but what does it mean? Or is it a term to use instead of fiddling/cooking/massaging/manipulating , Thats more user friendly in these enlightened times ?
Being reported that in BBC Gossip today, Newcastle are interested in Ferran Torres. Now here is a player who wanted to go to Barca being a bigger and more famous club than ours. He was also quite disparaging about Manchester weather. That being the case then I don't think the North Sea in winter will be much to his taste.
As an aside, he went to Barca with Barca being unable to pay his transfer fee, City being a charity donor to that Spanish club. If a transfer away from his first love goes through then it has to be hoped that City are immediately on the case.

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