been away for a while and its time to destroy


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15 Oct 2009
Mandela approves


The Flash

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2 Nov 2011
Giving corky1970 a proper cunting in the bastard.
corky1970 said:
feed the goat....your a ****...a large one
SWP's back... your his gay man bitch and likes sperm as conditioner for your slap look like a pained spoon chimp
andy hinch you smell of my missus period gussett

longsight your just shit


Ancient Citizen...your mam

Challenger ive seen smaller tits on a pregnant whale you fat ****

sergio...ill kill your wet pussy

Ducado...i am coming round yours to borrow that gimp mask in !!

Mammulty your a **** too

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are all cunts and i will fight the lot of you


I think we need to re-visit your Lithium dosage Corky.

I got a good deal on some under-the-counter merchandise, so meet me at the chalet after 7pm.


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1 Aug 2011
just on the war path.....for fuck sake lad stop staying in watching westerns and get out more.

cotton fuckin pickin indeed

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