Best areas to rent property in Manchester


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22 May 2004
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My employer are considering opening a depot at Man Picc. I'm considering transfering over and moving to Manchester. Which area would people recommend for value for money home renting wise?

Blue Llama

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26 May 2009
Stockport 8 minutes by pendolino and has over 30 cask ale pubs (when they are allowed to open)

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1 Sep 2016
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What budget range for monthly rent? How many bedrooms?

One bedroom flats are proper expensive across Manchester and there isn’t a lot of choice. Most of them are poor quality and small for the expensive price, and there’s hardly any of them. Single people who aren’t wealthy aren’t catered for/are forgotten about when it comes to housing, and being a man you’d be bottom of the list for social housing.

If you’re looking at multiple-bedroom flats or houses and you have mate(s)/gf/missus to share the rent, your options increase dramatically.

Hulme is handy because it’s close to Town and fairly cheap but the area looks terrible as it’s just a hotch-potch of different styles of flats and houses with no thought gone into planning the area’s aesthetics.

Withington, Didsbury and Chorlton are all decent areas with their own village centres with loads going on. They’d be more expensive though. As would the Heatons and Cheadle but again they do have village centres.

There’s some new housing around the Miles Platting area. You’d be able to walk to work from there and it’s be cheaper than the ones just above.

City centre will probably have the most one bedroom options but they’ll be expensive for small size and plasterboard walls so you can hear next door shagging or arguing.

Further out of Town to the West North and East your options will be better price-wise.
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17 Jun 2019
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Try Macclesfield.
20 minutes away by train.
Except when they put on a replacement bus service from Stockport outbound :-|

I had a pal who lived in Mac. It was a lovely place to live and the journey to and from M/Cr was indeed 20 minutes or so when all went well, but it was grossly overcrowded at peak times and could be a nightmare journey when works were taking place on the line.
Also issues with Kate trains because they don’t have many. He sometimes had to book a hotel if seeing a band in M/Cr because of no service after about 11:30, though they might have that sorted nowadays.

I’d probably look at Blackley or Higher Blackley. Not a well fancied area, so rents are reasonable, there are some nice parts and there are a plethora of bus routes into the city centre.
Also close to Heaton Park, which is the largest municipal park in Europe (or is that out of Europe now?), has Boggart Hole Clough at the other end and good motorway links if ever you’re heading off somewhere.

Good luck, I hope you find a good place :-)


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18 Aug 2009
Somewhere in Little Britain.
Stalybridge is well worth a look only 10 mins on the train
Shush Mickey. You should have told the boring **** Mossley or Greenfield pal; )

Only joking @mat. 'Stalyvegas' is ok. I wouldn't say it's great because I live there and I'm a ****, albeit a decent kind. Plenty of nice flats in the town centre at affordable prices. Not too sure about Mossley but Greenfield/ Uppermill and Saddleworth district is more expensive because they are more desirable areas, pal.

Stalybridge has a great station buffet bar for real ales and good food. Spent many an evening in there. Also it's the town with longest and shortest pub names in the Uk, albeit the original 'The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn' closed a few years back but the name was kept and the new pub is only 100m from the station. And as it happens Stalybridge has the shortest name pub in the country, The Q Inn, only 50M from the station. Also in the town is Judges Bar, named after 'bridge born Jack Judge, who wrote 'Its A Long Way To Tipperary'.

Also home of Stalybridge Celtic who sing one of the best(quirky) songs in the country, IMO. - "There's only one stalyvegas, one Staleyvegas, we've got a new canal Tesco's as well walking in the Vegas Wonderland".

And as Mickey says only 10-12 minutes into town to Piccadilly or Victoria station's.

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