Best ever atmosphere you've experienced for a City home game

pride in battle

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17 Sep 2008
Hamburg. Absolutely immense. Lots of blues got in late because of the no alcohol in the stadium rule but it also meant most were at their seats singing. Hamburg had the typical German setup and were making good noise, but I remember when Blue Moon rang around the stadium just echoing and they all stopped and just looked around in awe.

It was a back to the walls game where we knew we had to step up and even despite going a goal down and Dunne being an absolute liability before he was finally sent off we kept in it and probably should have taken it to extra time. Caicedo missed a sitter from memory. Just an all-round epic game where we truly made a difference, albeit not quite enough to turn it around in the end. I felt we'd make it to Istanbul, just felt like that would be our final. Wonder if there will be another final in Istanbul we can sing about one day ;) won't sound right singing about June instead of May though!
I remember reading a quote from a Hamburg fan who said that when we sang Blue Moon it was like a tsunami of noise around the stadium...


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14 Aug 2011
The return of Colin the King

The return of derby victories 3 - 1 Goat the Legend

I was in Africa when the King made his return and in them days had to rely on the bbc world service for football updates.
They broke their commentary to report live from Maine Road when Colin The King returned saying the roof was nearly taken off.


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18 Jan 2012
a few good ones mentioned

but i enjoyed kippax corner.jpgthe 3-2 at etihad Vs Bayern when sergio made us come from behind and bagged two.. I was in kippax corner for a change rather than SS lower. ( hope i have got result right )


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31 Oct 2010
1. Colin Bell's return on Boxing Day 1977.
2. Everton FA Cup QF Replay March? 1981.
3. Beating the Rags to go Top of the League Aprill 2012.

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