Best save I've seen (on TV)


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21 Mar 2010
I remember Shilton saving a close range header in a 1-1 against Forest. iirc David Cross had a load of chances.

Bobby the blue

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6 Dec 2020
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Manchester city
Jamo's save against Chelsea and Schmeichels against Liverpool are probably up there with the finest saves I've witnessed. Absolutely amazing technique on both. Strong wrists. Perfect goalkeeping.

I've always felt that the Banks one was vastly over rated. Great save but not one of the best. And the seaman Save Vs Sheff United was also slightly over done. Never really rated seaman even in his prime, obviously a top keeper but never world class in my view

David James for all his technique and attributes should have been talked about as one of the best ever. He just had a mistake in him and he never really lost that calamity James tag he got. A couple of high profile mistakes against United and it stuck. But some of the saves he made for City were amazing.


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28 Jun 2007
Sorry but I couldn't get the saves on video themselves.
You have to go through some goals before the saves.
4 great saves.
Niemi v Celtic.
Gordon v Motherwell.
Gordon triple save v Prague.
Smith v Celtic.

brummie blue

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2 Jun 2009
see it absolutely brilliant save,that was a proper world class save.i remember smcheical (sp) saved one very similar to the banks save.

being a goalkeeper when I was younger big joe was my hero, and I remember a save v Leeds away that is still my favourite most probably not the best save ever but to me it is.
I was just about to post this one. I still remember it, Joe was a favourite of mine as well. Wasn’t it a cup game and we lost 1-0


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29 Sep 2016
Jim Montgomerie v Leeds FA Cup Final 1973
Think it was a double ?
A shot parried then a header touched onto the bar?
First save was the header, that second save was a close range shot from Peter Lorimer, the ball had already passed Montgomery when he somehow diverted it onto the crossbar, absolutely fantastic double save, fa cup final too.

Growing up in the seventies, the fa cup final was one of only a handful of annual live tv games and was always a special day. That particular game and result was a joy to watch and has stuck in my football memory ever since.


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13 Jun 2013
David Seamen against Paul Peschisolido of Sheffield United, by far the best save I've seen live (on TV). Never seen another save like it, the ball was past him and he somehow reached back and clawed it out. Unbelievable

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