Best signings since the takeover?

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1 Sep 2016
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Yaya Touré and Kevin de Bruyne are the two best players City have ever had and are arguably the two best midfielders in Premier League history.

Agüero is the best goal scorer City have ever had and the best goal scorer in Premier League history (goals per minute, he’s #1 by an absolute mile!).

David Silva is the most consistent footballer I’ve ever seen, and is the best ever at keeping the flow of the game ticking over, tying in possession in dangerous areas and creating opportunities in the opposition half. I don’t think his top level is at the bulldozing and match winning best of the three above, but you can count on one hand the amount of bad games he had for us.

They’re the Big Four, for me.
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11 Jan 2017
My top 10 in no particular order:

1. De Bruyne
2. Aguero
3. Dias
4. David Silva
5. Fernandinho
6. Tevez
7. Bernardo Silva
8. Ederson
9. Gundogan
10. Yaya
23 Jan 2017
1. Aguero
2. Silva
3. Yaya Touré
4. De Bruyne
5. Fernandinho
6. Bernardo
7. Tevez
8. Sterling
9. Gundogan
10. Ederson

Very hard to leave Walker out, him and Ederson are about equal in terms of importance.

Dias will probably be in my top ten if he's here for a long time.

If you were to pick a top ten purely on natural ability then the likes of Cancelo, Mahrez and Sané would probably make the list but they haven't been or weren't here long enough.

Jesus H Gabz

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14 Nov 2019
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A City eleven since the takeover (if not already done) would be an idea, probably create some interesting opinions/discussions/arguments/formations
as would the worst eleven!

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