Best trainers ever.


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28 May 2009
Adidas Kick is where it started for a lot of lads (including myself)
Gazelles are timeless classics and I've probably had more of these than any other trainers (in various colourways)
The Tahiti and the Jamaicas from the island series were great looking trainers
The original Adidas Jeans / Cord were great looking trainers too
Nike Wimbledons, Puma Californias and Diadora Borg Elites are iconic trainers too (I've a few pairs of Diadora Camaro as they look good and are dead comfy now I'm getting older!!)

For what it's worth, my opinion would have to be Gazelles, I know a few will disagree, but they are always my "go to" trainer of choice


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10 Aug 2011
These are one of if not the best release adidas have done for a few years IMO

Screenshot_20210519-175636_Samsung Internet.jpg

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