Best/Worst performances of the decade


5 Dec 2008
Inspired by a post I've just seen on twitter about the worst performances.

Worst Individual Performance - Kolarov (a) to Southampton. One of the few times I've seen a player give up in terms of ability and effort. I remember being fuming after that match and never wanting him to put on a City shirt again.

Best Individual performance - A lot harder as I haven't thought about this one. Off the top of my head, first 2 that have sprung to mind are Yaya (a) to Newcastle and De Bruyne (h) to Stoke. Sure I'm missing a lot more. Hart (h) to Dortmund another decent shout.

Best Team Performance - Barcelona (H) under Pep. The 6-1 of course. Stoke (H) also a decent shout.

Worst Team Performance - Southampton (a) was a shocker in Pellegrini's last season and the worst for me. Either Semi-Final game Vs Real Madrid. Everton or Leicester (a) in Pep's first season weren't good. Liverpool (a) in the Champions League.
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1 Sep 2016
Worst team performance: Everton away 2016-17

Best team performance: Stoke at home 2017-18

Worst individual performance: Fernando away at Leicester 2016-17

Best individual performance: Yaya at home to Rags 2011-12


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22 Jan 2010
Worst - toss up between Everton or Leicester away.
Best - too many to mention spurs away 5 - 1, Utd away 6 -1.


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20 Jan 2019
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I wouldn't class Barcelona game as close to best team one. We played very, very good in 2nd half, but until the goal we score for 1:1 in 40something minute of first half, they were ripping us apart and should have scored 3-4 easily. I feared for a catastrophe that day, but then they made that mistake in defence for our first goal and we came out as a new team in 2nd half.


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17 Jul 2011
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I'm going to have to give these a thought, but on best team performance, as much as it was sheer joy, I don't think it's the 1-6, padded as it was by the boneheaded JFE and ridiculous rag tactics after they scored their goal. I'd say the 4-1 against Moyes was as good when we just torched them (with the iconic Vinnie celebration for the 4th), but they were a shadow by then.

The 0-1 away to Chelsea in 2017 was when we really put our stamp on what City would be that season, and that's my choice. Away to the then-champions, that's probably the scoreline that flatters the opponent more than any I can think of in the last decade. We were clearly the dominant side.

Beating Utd in the FAC semi in 11 after Liverpool nuked us in the league was really important too -- Yaya was imperious, and that was a real breakout as we had a final and a trophy in our grasp after.

Arsenal in the LC final was another one with that amazing last goal but the opponent was beaten before they stepped on the pitch.
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