Biggest bellend in football (with no connections to United or Liverpool)


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29 Apr 2019
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His missus is Michelle Dewberry. Proper Tory and former apprentice winner.

He loves calling her thick on air, yet her businesses have been more successful than his.
Talk about a match made in heaven.


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11 Oct 2007
He might be with Phil now, but I always hated Mike Channon. And I will tell you why. When I was young, I remember watching the world cup and we were in it, showing you how long ago that was. Well, it was a Scotland game that was being shown, for some reason Channon was part if the panel. They were talking about us, obviously, then up pipes the bold Worzel loving **** with, "Never mind about Scotland, what about England, what about our lads?"

Ever after that, even if he scored a good goal, I would look at him and jusy say ****. Every single time.
I never liked him after Richard Edgehill was knocked spark out (I even think it was Mark Hughes who did it) and had to go to hospital, I think we were playing Southampton. Channon was implying it was nothing more than a slight knock and he should run it off.
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