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10 Jan 2009
Does anyone here go fly fishing? We stayed with friends in Acharacle last week, beside Loch Sheil, and close to River Sheil, as it runs about a mile into the sea. It stuck me that if I lived there, it would be a great to go fly fishing there.

It is quite a fast flowing river, shallow, with some gentle flowing areas, a few rocky areas like mini waterfalls. I was told salmon and trout can be caught there.

I've been sea fishing in tourist boats and caught mackerel and once a cod. What's the crack with river fishing? Can you hire equipment? If you are lucky enough to catch something, are you allowed to keep your catches? Is there a knack to landing the fish, or is it just like bringing in a mackerel?


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27 Mar 2009

Shelikof Straight, AK…fishing in the mist

Scouse Blue

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18 Sep 2005
Timur has been desperate to catch a big fish. I took him last night to a local club lake with the intention of catching a carp. Fished a scaled down carp rig with boilie, baiting a patch tucked away from disturbance in an overgrown corner. I forgot what a nightmare club lakes can be, with blokes in white t shirts talking at the top of their voices and wondering why they aren't catching.

An hour in and we had a run. He hooked a fish and the hook pulled quickly. We sat into dusk for a few hours with him getting desperate. The banks cleared and I kept telling him he'd get another chance. Right on dark, 2 minutes before we left, the rod was nearly pulled in. He was playing a carp which took him all over. I was trying to show him how to backwind and he was just managing but as the fish tired and neared the net it made one last lunge for freedom. He had his rod too low, he didn't backwind, everything pinged tight and SNAP. His first carp was free.

The lad was utterly devastated. There was no consoling him.
Don't wind!!!

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