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What year did you join Bluemoon?

  • 2004

    Votes: 13 5.9%
  • 2005

    Votes: 17 7.8%
  • 2006

    Votes: 12 5.5%
  • 2007

    Votes: 16 7.3%
  • 2008

    Votes: 41 18.7%
  • 2009

    Votes: 46 21.0%
  • 2010

    Votes: 22 10.0%
  • 2011

    Votes: 10 4.6%
  • 2012

    Votes: 10 4.6%
  • 2013

    Votes: 8 3.7%
  • 2014

    Votes: 5 2.3%
  • 2015

    Votes: 4 1.8%
  • 2016

    Votes: 4 1.8%
  • 2017

    Votes: 6 2.7%
  • 2018

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 2019

    Votes: 1 0.5%
  • 2020

    Votes: 3 1.4%
  • 2021

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 2022

    Votes: 1 0.5%

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22 May 2004
Fucking hell didn't know it'd been going since 2004!!! I bet it was a very sad and lonely place then. Just Ric and few of his cronies, like a geeky dungeons and dragons place :)
It was actually started in 2002, just before the start of Keegan’s second season. This is our twentieth anniversary. We changed forum software in 2004 though, hence why that’s down as my joined date.
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30 May 2004
I was just too stubborn to ever be governed
Team supported
ABU & The Bus Wreckers
This is the oldest iteration of the site that I can find on the web archive, from October that year but think I started it a few months earlier:

I am just 8 days after you Ric old chap, what a piece of luck stumbling on the site in its infancy.
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Stoned Rose

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29 Oct 2010
Rusholme with Love
Was explaining to my (relatively new) girlfriend the other night what a big part of my life this place has been for the last twelve years and how many genuine, good friendships I’ve made from it.

I’ve grown to increasingly enjoy my own company as I’ve got older, but am still a very social creature and this place means I can ride both those horses at once.

Some people would doubtless view over 5,000 posts a year in that period as a bit sad, but I don’t think anyone could accuse me of having an uninteresting, unproductive or unremarkable life in the last twelve years, so I’m completely cool with that.

It’s been an incredible period to be a City fan and it’s been amazing to share that journey in here with other blues.



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15 Apr 2007
under a volcanic ash cloud
Who remembers Bluewatch? Are they still going?
Long gone Bluewatch, was good for a couple of years rozzi, blutoof and the rest we had a great laugh pretty much every day/match. I came over to the darkside in 2007, can't believe its that long, Ric is a dangerous man, he has us all addicted, and we have all spent hours and hours glued to BM when we could have been enjoying ourselves!!! His creation of the imaginary characters on here is evil genius, tolmies hairdoo keeps everyone checking the transfer forum 24/7 and pays for Rics chateau just outside Monaco and his 4 season tickets in the tunnel club


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26 Jul 2021
Team supported
Manchester City Football Club
Originally joined in 2009. Recently joined under a new Alias

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