Booing the Champions League Anthem

blue b4 the moon

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25 Feb 2005
I still do not see the point of booing the Champions League anthem. All this booing as not help us one bit. We should be backing the team. So anything like Blue Moon, Never felt more like singing the blues, etc. Is a lot better than booing the anthem, after all how do we know that the UEFA official has not told the referee to give as much help to the opponents as he can, because of all this booing. This just to teach us a lesson.

We need to get behind the team from now on until the end of the season.
Even if not before which I very much doubt I'd suspect the players would like to boo like fuck as well as us now.


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10 Sep 2017
boooooing or not wouldn't have affected our relationship with uefa. We have been under scrutiny since 2008 when the takeover happened. Think its time not only parts of the ground but the whole to blast out booooooooooooooooooooo!

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