Bournemouth away pubs

I live in Bournemouth but I have been treated to a hospitality ticket for my birthday, and I will need to drive home afterwards. The only thing is I am in the south stand with home fans. If you see someone in disguise looking like Inspector Gadget, that will be me. If anyone is going that hasn’t been before, there is very limited parking nearby and most of the nearby streets get rammed hours before kick off. Fortunately stepdaughter’s family live a ten minute walk from the stadium and I can park in their drive. If you come by train, get one that stops at Pokesdown, the station is much nearer than Bournemouth Central. There is a pub near the ground on Ashely Road but it is strictly home fans only after incidents with United and other away fans causing problems in the past. Bournemouth fans are usually quite passive but passionate, I hope they give Ake a good reception, he served the club well until he moved to City. I am not a fan of Bournemouth but wish them well, they almost went out of business about 15 years ago, the guy that bailed them out died yesterday so expect a minute’s silence or applause before it starts
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Staying over in the centre, no trains so no other option that driving down and overnight job. Probably staying around spoons in the centre and Uber up to the ground like last year.

Had a few good drinks after the match last time so will try and remember which path I wandered back from the ground.
Think our rough plan is spoons (moon on the square) pre-match, taxi to the ground then wander to mello mello afterwards

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