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23 Jul 2013
Greetings wise men, women and others of Bluemoon, I seek your advice.
I'm looking for a block of 15 tickets for the home game against Bournemouth on 4th November.
I've heard all PL games have been sold and it's unlikely there will be 15 close together via ticket exchange, However this is Bournemouth and they probably won't take the full allocation so there could be a chance.
Does anybody know how soon the club releases seats if the visitors don't take them? Also, does anybody have contact details for the ticket office.
I accept it's possible the club will say "piss off" and sell to regular City fans first, however we've all seen blocks of tourists at most home games.
The problem with being an ST holder on all schemes is that I never contact the club about such things so I don't know where to start.
The final order for away tickets is at least 4 weeks before the game, however Fulham not taken were sold with a lot less notice more like 2/3 weeks before.

It is one membership per ticket so expensive if you go through normal channels. SS3 will be £49 minus £5 with the mandatory membership, so £79 each in effect.
I’d say you’ve got a chance on this. City keep back blocks of tickets to sell to coach parties. If you’ve got a decent story to tell about your party , especially involving kids, I think they’ll sort you out especially as it’s a relatively low demand game.
There are always groups right at the top of the east stand. Contact the club directly.
You could try Daz Clarke on the Man City Face Value Ticket and Travel page on Facebook. He can sometimes access groups of tickets

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