Bournemouth (H) - CC 3rd Round Post-match Thread

Mike Cledford

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9 Jun 2019
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Man City
You’re right there. People were saying to me he’ll rip it up in city’s team when we signed him. I was never sure he would have the predicted impact.

I think his limited willingness for pressing and tracking for the duration of a game, or any duration during a game, and the fact that his complete lack of willingness (not awareness) to pass to anyone in a better position than him, is the opposite of endearing to fans.

I feel another downside to Mahrez game is that him being in the team has reduced Aguero’s goal return since he’s come in, simply by not passing to the best finisher in the league, who’s worked his bollax off time and time again, to get into a position to receive the ball and score. Mahrez just refuses to pass. I mentioned Aguero cos he’s our all time, I want him to get as many as possible to try get Shearers record if he stays for another couple of seasons

Mahrez will score a few, and some will turn out to be important, but he doesn’t score enough for the amount of shots he takes, and half the time the shot is never even on. A lot of the important goals will come in games we should have and would have put to bed sooner had he not been a greedy shite.

his service is piss poor to non existent, and I think a lot of us are tired of looking at him shoot or cannon the ball into defenders to try play that stupid 1-2 with himself to try take another shot. Just pass the fucking ball, first time while it’s on. I struggle to think of anyone we’ve had in the squad In the last 25 years who’s as greedy as Mahrez. He slows our attack down every time too.

just to add to what you said, he has the tools to be, on his day, a quality individual player, but he’s a bad team player in my opinion. His belief exceeds his ability (not uncommon in a footballer) and his work rate and team ethic are way off. And all that billy big bollax stuff with him looking to take pens off the taker when he came into the team coincided with the start of the awful run we had of missing penalties. Players should be squabbling over who gets to take it.

He still doesn’t look part of our team for me. Dunno if it’s attitude/arrogance but he doesn’t look like he has a good rapport with his team mates, and f**k it, while I’m at it, I don’t like his haircut either... :P
At times l was thinking that it was not necessary for Mahrez to self isolate as he wouldnt even pass the virus.
Very frustrating player for us


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30 Jul 2009
Some fantastic performances from the young lads. Hopefully this will lead to plenty more minutes for them this season

Neville Kneville

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26 May 2008
Paying homage to Kevin Prince Boateng's agent
no sold to united

but was finished by the age of 28 because of the amount of games he was made to play at a young age

And being a fat pisshead. But you have just destroyed the plan of loaning him out, to play more senior games.

Bring him through into our first team, gradually, from the bench. He will score a few goals & help us.



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27 Jan 2014
Liked Doyles performance and Delap was direct and aggressive. Wasn't convinced by H-B, Garcia or the young lad who had to go off. Foden looked excellent. Rodri and Walker played well and helped the youngsters as they should. Mahrez FFS. I cant say more without having a mini rant. Was looking forward to seeing Torres in his first start but unfortunately I'm still looking. Early days for the lad though.

A win is a win and the positives I took out of the game were mainly the performances of Foden, Doyle and Delap. Those last two should get many more minutes hopefully.


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18 Jan 2011
La Côte
How'd Adriàn look? Any update on the extent of his injury? From the photos looked like some sort of contusion or trauma to the shin

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