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I gave it to Stonesy because I often find myself admiring just how incredible he is at what he does. We missed him so badly when he was out. Otherwise, I thought Phil was just as good, Kovacic and Bernardo were outstanding as well, and Ederson is a magnificent (and underrated) shot-stopper.
Stones was excellent but Foden edged it for my vote. Interesting being in the home end, I was surprised and impressed with the atmosphere, the City fans in good voice but quiet for long periods as Bournemouth used a mix of high press and dark arts. I said somewhere our defence needed to be at the top of their game and largely were, they have some very fast players on the counter attack, but the noise at the back of the south stand towards the end when Bournemouth were encouraging their team for an equaliser was almost too much to bear. The seats were in the top row and the noise was amplified. In the end I was relieved, City weren’t allowed to play much of their normal play and Haaland missed a few through balls via a lack of communication with Foden, who was brilliant and possibly fouled more than any other player. One of those hard-fought wins like we seem to struggle with more than playing other teams in the top half, but it did make me realise how the live experience of watching these brilliant players is far better than on TV. Classy gesture from Ake to show his appreciation to the home fans at the end, he is seen as their best-ever player. Shame I can’t afford to travel to home games.
Nunes had a fantastic game beside that one mistake . He’s got great footwork and rapid pace.
Don’t agree. Might have pace but doesn’t use it. Kept checking back when he had the ball instead of driving forwards and taking the full back on. I guess that’s down to Peps instructions. There’s a player there but maybe not suited to our style.

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