Bournemouth v City post match

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  1. Neville Kneville

    Neville Kneville

    26 May 2008
    They'd have to work out a formula for it, I suppose.

    I don't like the current one they use for deciding goals. If they were to take this one off Aguero, for example, it's only a goal, because of his touch & could possibly have gone in off the turf without the defender touching it, with a bit of spin on the ball, so therefore they can't be sure it's off target & it's his goal imo. Same with shots that bounce off a post or off the keeper & hit the post, then hit him & go in. The post should count as 'on target' in that situation imo, & the rest of he action all part of an attempted save. It''s not fair on either player, to call it an o.g imo. If the keeper catches it & drops it, fair enough, but if it hits the post, hits him on the head & goes in, it should not be an o.g. imo.
  2. aguero93:20


    21 Oct 2013
    The Guardiola Circle Jerk
    I agree, especially on the goalkeeper one, it's unnecessarily harsh as if the shot has stayed close to the line it could easily go in via spin or the other post without any interference from the keeper - OGs should only be awarded when it's absolutely beyond doubt that the ball would not have gone in without the intervention of the defending player, the goal on Monday isn't one of those for me.
  3. our tommy

    our tommy

    27 May 2008
    It's probably already been mentioned but Paddy Power seem to have given it to Sergio. I have a bet for him to be top prem scorer and get a free £2 bet every time he scores and I got given it after Monday's game.
  4. mancity2012_eamo


    17 Oct 2014
    Lies, damned lies and then there's statistics.

    That was Sergio's goal no matter what way they choose to record it. Doesn't matter to me.
    I was complaining to my young lad all game up until that, that Kun was hiding and wasn't getting into the game at all.
    He then goes and does exactly what I was crying out for.
    He makes up the hard yards and gets in front if his marker to get a toe poke on it in the six yard area.
    That to me is the true mark of a class striker. This is what we want him doing, not just putting one into the top corner from 20 yards every twentieth attempt.

    Call it any which way you like, without him getting there, there was no goal.
    Great to see him off the mark again.
  5. shevtheblue


    22 Dec 2005
    Stockport (of course)
    TBH i didn't think i would ever see this after seeing him during the time he's been at City, but Willy Caballero take a bow mate. He's always come across as a nice guy and i think he has been given a rough deal by fans before the cup final last season, but i've never thought he was good enough to play for City, ever. I still don't think he's our long term option, but fucking hell has he worked on and improved his distribution. While it's true there is clearly a change in the positioning and availability of the players in front of him, i've never seen him being able to play the passes he's played before.

    On Aguero, we should remember that he has always been a slow starter after being out of the team for a while. My biggest gripe from Monday night was his desire, he was involved in some of the build up but his desire to get into the final phase of play was not there, if he has any chance of being City's main man going forward he will need to sort that right now. I fear for him going into the Monaco game, can see Pep using no strikers if Aguero doesn't show enough in training and more importantly in the Hudds game (which i assume he will play in now).
  6. Shaelumstash


    30 Apr 2009
    Has anyone got a link / copy of the MNF post match analysis? All of the videos I've found on Youtube and the podcast have the actual match analysis cut out for some reason.

    I believe Neville was waxing lyrical about City and Silva, and I'd like to see that bit if anyone has a copy of it? Cheers.
  7. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
    He was also very keen on sane,thinks he is he one to watch
  8. dark 'n stormy

    dark 'n stormy

    30 Apr 2010
    I had a punt with Betfair for Sterling to score and assist and the didn't pay out !
  9. BlumerMooner


    2 Aug 2008
    So has the goal been given to Aguero or not? What's official verdict?
  10. old blue

    old blue

    6 Aug 2006
    There cannot be any argument if the Swedish Beak gets credited with his first.

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