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27 May 2009
go on then, post a spoiler with the answers.

some were easy ,others were silly.

Wasn't originally going to (though I considered giving clues) because it's a competition and all. However, what the hey. GFF got most of them right but here's the whole lot.

See if I can remember them after two days, and shamelessly ripping GFF's post to save time:

Romans = Bath City
Decanter of Red Stuff = Claret = Burnley
Gunners = Arsenal
Dragon = Porto
Swan = Swansea
Bluemoon = Man City
Bloke in Armour (behind Lion) = Barca (if you zoom in you can actually see the club badge on his arm)
Sailor = Mariner = Grimsby
Cockerel = Spurs
Lion = Middlesbrough (think their badge)
Snake = Inter Milan
Cherry Tree thingy = Cherries = Bournemouth
Woman with white hat = Everton, per the above
Bird = W.B.A.
Moles = Shakthar Donestshk
Eagle = Crystal Palace
Olympian being crushed = Olympiakos
Red Devil = The Shite
Bloke on Devils back = Saint = Southampton
Hippo = Stoke
Hammers = West Ham
Panther = Black Cat = Sunderland
Superhero/birdman thing = Real Madrid (I really don't get this and this is the one I had to fully brute force. Took maybe 8-10 attempts)
Wasps = Hornets = Watford
Tigers = Hull City
Fox = Leicester
Red Bird = Liverpool (Liver bird)
Old Woman with rolling pin = Juventus
Blokes in red with flying zimmer frame = Pensioners = Chelsea
Tractors + men = Ipswich

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