Can we win the title this season ?

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by cyberblue, 15 Jul 2017.

  1. worsleyweb


    29 Sep 2009
    Would rather Aguero
  2. pee dubya

    pee dubya

    21 Sep 2005
    I reckon it'll be between us and united this season.

    Chelsea are losing two big characters in Costa and Terry (i know he didn't play much, but a huge influence), are adding in European football and will be a bit tired of Conte's incessant demands.

    Spurs have the Wembley thing and it's this team's 3rd straight season without much renewal (so far), they play high intensity and rely on a few key players, i reckon they'll drop off.

    Liverpool don't have the depth of quality and Arsenal will do well to get back into 4th.
  3. pavelsrnicek


    4 Jun 2009
    I think United will be there or thereabouts as Jose's 2nd season is his best. Whether playing champions league instead of Europa effects them will be crucial.

    Chelsea will suffer from playing in the champions league this season.

    Spurs home form was incredible last season which has to be impacted by the move to Wembley.

    Liverpool like Chelsea now have the champions league to deal with and they don't have a huge squad.

    If Arsenal can either keep Sanchez or properly replace him while adding to their team in midfield and defence and use the Europa like the league cup they have a chance.

    If we get our full backs in plus a new CB then we'll be favourites.

    As ever a lot depends on luck with injuries. Chelsea had it last year as did Leicester the previous season.
  4. Indaparkside


    28 Dec 2015
    Can we please refer to them as scum, or rags thank you
  5. Armaan


    23 Oct 2009
    Agree with that, WhoeveR finishes above the rags this season will win it.
  6. peoffrey


    15 Oct 2010
    RIP Billy Big Spuds
    I really can't see them finishing second. I know Josie Moron won two pots last season (I think they won the Charity Shield too); but they're going to need to climb above Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs. Even Arsenal could surprise.
  7. hateutd


    12 Sep 2009
    Middle Earth
    I hope ,but if not,then bye bye Pep.....
  8. Shaelumstash


    30 Apr 2009
    I expect us to win it this season.

    We've addressed our biggest weaknesses - goalkeeper, full backs and a replacement for David Silva when he is unavailable. If Mendy signs, those 4 positions we are seeing a monumental upgrade on our 4 biggest weaknesses last season.

    If we bring in Sanchez and we've got the best forward line in the league by an absolute mile.

    Looking at our rivals - Chelsea could be significantly weaker than last season. Bakayoko is a big step back from Matic from what I've seen. Costa was instrumental to the way they played, lose him and I can't think of anyone who could replace him. Aubamayang is a good player, but in the PL I'd choose Costa. They've also got to contend with CL next season, so unlikely they can play such a settled side as last season. Also, their unfamiliar formation helped them a lot last season as teams couldn't figure them out, whereas this season teams are going to be much wiser to it.

    Spurs have lost Walker, so instantly weaker. Also they are playing at Wembley where they are pretty lousy. Their high intensity style it much harder on the big Wembley pitch. I expect them to drop out of the top 4.

    Liverpool look to be buying decent players like Salah who aren't world class and won't significantly improve them, much the same as they have been doing for the last 20 years.

    Arsenal are (hopefully) going to lose their best player and have replaced him with someone who could quite easily end up being Loic Remy. They'd need to spend £250m to put together a title winning side and it's just not going to happen. I think they'll be miles off again.

    The Shite are already weaker after losing 17 league goals in Big Nose and replacing him with Romelu Benteke who is going to find it very hard going against deep lying defences. To win the league they need to score about 30 goals more than they did last season. They're losing Ibra's 17, so that's 47 more goals they need to find from somewhere. Even if Lukaku gets 25 again, which I don't think he will, they're still going to have to find 25 extra goals from the rest of the team compared to last season, and I just don't see where they're going to come from. They're going to draw a hell of a lot of games again, and I think they'll struggle to get top 4 again.

    So for me, it's a straight fight between us and Chelsea. I think they're going to be significantly weaker than last season and I think we're going to be significantly stronger, so we should win it. If we buy Sanchez I think we'll dick it.
  9. cyberblue


    24 Dec 2005
    That sounds great logic .will do for me City Champions sounding good all ready
  10. prestonibbo_mcfc


    16 Apr 2010
    A good start is important though. Don't want to be playing catchup just as CL starts.

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