Carabao Cup R3 Draw | Wycombe Wanderers (H)

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14 Aug 2005
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We''re on the cup scheme, but have had no email saying tickets bought etc. And when i logged in to my account it doesn't mention the Wycombe match. I don't mean mobile, we're print at home - and i mean the general account not the ready to print part. None of it has Wycombe in purchase history.

So has anyone on the cup scheme had confirmation they have their ticket? an email? In their history? Anything?
Nope but my bank says they authorised the payment to City yesterday but at close of play today City havent taken it. !

I am resigned to the fact that I will be dumped in row 3 of the lower tier in Colin Bell. Perhaps if Pep talked to people at the club about why it is so hard to get a ticket he might keep his gob shut.


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29 Mar 2017
Usual shambles from our magnificent website. In spite of changing my card details and just had an e mail saying I had to do so. I followed all the instructions, hit the proceed button and have got the error message three times. I fucking give up. There you go Pep the problem with attendances lies closer to home, go and have a moan there
Had that issue myself. Changed the device I used and it ended up working for me in the end. Was using a Samsung tablet and got the error message but then switched to my iPhone and it worked.

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