Carbonated water machine


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25 Apr 2009
I wasnt really meaning that, I know loads of people that buy all there water (non fizzy) in plastic bottles & pull a face when I ask whats wrong with tap water, serious question as I just wondered if there is a genuine concern about tap water?
I use tap water in my soda stream

Alan Harper's Tash

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12 Dec 2010
A bit of a faff swapping the canisters and it feels quite expensive, but probably isn’t - I’ve never calculated the savings. My sodastream is just sat doing nothing, but I might resurrect it.

And the plastic bottles you have to use have a lifespan too (about 2 years I think), so that’s extra cost.
Capturing your own farts would help reduce your gas costs.


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26 Feb 2009
Liverpool via Gatley and Chorlton
I've had a Sodastream for 3 years. Fill with tap water, press the button, and you have fizzy water. No faff.

Advantages are:
1. Cheaper than buying bottles at the supermarket
2. You don't have to lug heavy bottles home
3. No recycling
4. Tastes nicer than plain tap water, and I should know as I drink a lot of water

1. You have to return the empty cylinders, but not too much faff these days as you just take it the local shop for drop off


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28 Jul 2008
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I bought a sodastream a couple of years ago because I went crazy for fizzy water and was going through far too many bottles from the supermarket.
I still guzzle it every day. I rarely drink still water nowadays.

A gas cylinder lasts me around a month. £23 in Sainsbury's (and possibly others) but you get £10 off for bringing your used one in, so £13 a month obviously, and fuck all water bottles going into the recycling bin.

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15 Jan 2013
I don’t drink pop but I do get why people do. What I don’t get is why people drink fizzy water.
Because they like it?

Seriously though, some people hate plain water but want to drink it for health reasons and find adding a bit of fizz helps. Some people say it’s bad for you but there’s no evidence to back that up.


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14 Jan 2010
I bought a Soda stream last year. I really don't like flat tap water. I get bored with it all too easy.
I was starting a diet and wanted to reduce my tea and fizzy drink consumption.
I don't like any "Diet" versions of fizzy drinks, so they had to go.

I was worried it would be a fad and soon it would be back in the cupboard.
Totally the opposite occurred. I found i like plain soda water cooled from the fridge, It worked great with my morning runs, taking a litre bottle with me. (for after the runs)
I then found i enjoyed sitting at the computer with a half litre bottle, sipping as required. My water input went up and other drinks right down.

Now and again i put a bit of cordial like Vimto in.

Getting the gas swapped is easy at Argos, so i think that is the reason it is still used daily.

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