CAS judgement: UEFA ban overturned, City exonerated (report out p603)


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31 Aug 2009
I'll never worry about UEFA and FFP again. Their response to City's appeal is written as if it has been done so by a child. Assumptions, weasel phrases, bad grammar, poor format etc. It's pathetic.

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised when they only had one lawyer present compared to City's six.

The question from City's perspective is why didn't they comply in the first place? I suppose when so little trust exists between City and UEFA is it understandable they would rather have the case in front of an arbitration panel.


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10 Jan 2009
Majority could mean them all,UEFA have shown themselves to be shady as fuck,the and there is corruption or favours of you like at all levels,don't get bent out of shape trying to suggest we might not have been compellingly cleared
'Majority' can never mean 'all'. Other explanations from @Centurions and others explain that it could be the terminology used by CAS generally, or that the third member does not vote if the two chosen ones agree on a matter.

I have no doubt about the strength of our victory Kaz, I am a little concerned though, that others will jump on the 'majority' wording to imply that the result wasn't quite as overwhelming as we know it to be.


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26 Jul 2010
breaking into heaven.....
Kind of shows the handle we had on the situation and how we rightly had confidence in winning and how we could embarrass those seeking to destroy us. Someone from Abu Dhabi should by NUFC and shut it down and we should poach Dyche from Burnley then give him the job of unblocking drains at the hand.
The ginger gobshite looks like a loo brush, just stick him down the toilet twice a day.

Having said that it's the owners not the managers who decided to group together and as far as I know dyche hasn't said anything about the case.


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20 Aug 2016
I think what is clear from all this is that despite being given the chance to do the right thing, CAS is not up to standard.

I feel the best route for football now would be for UEFA to handle any appeals in house, thus negating the need for any independent party to be involved.

Only by ensuring UEFA is the judge, juror, executioner and arbitrator, can we be sure that the agreed punishment as set out at the beginning of any investigation is adhered to and upheld regardless of any contradictory evidence.

Anything else is quite frankly a disgrace!!
1000 times this. Celebration should be forbidden!

The perfect fumble

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3 Jun 2012
Over to RAWK....

What a massive shock that they have been shown to be cheats, liars and that they hid everything, utterly utterly astounding.

I am so in shock that I can't actually type any words. No words at all. None.

Poor Lance Armstrong didn't have 9 lawyers, it seems.
UEFA have been bullied by a member club.

I'd like to think UEFA will find their own ways to exact their revenge. Have they announced Fernando Hierro as the ref for the Real Madrid CL tie yet?



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7 Nov 2010
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Manchester city
Fair play to Sky, i was wrong and they presented the findings very fairly.
Do you think so, to me they failed to mention that the email’s had been doctored and some of them were from before FFP was even brought in. That to me is poor reporting. Seemed to be more bothered that UEFA ‘s case wasn’t frivolous and that City hadn’t cooperated and therefore were guilty in some sort of way.

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