Celtic Thread - 2023/24

So many of those Scottish Celtic fans will have had relatives lost in both wars ..

And players no doubt also killed and wounded ,
I know Celtic supporters will get slated for the booing and rightly so but credit where credit is due. It was a brave decision for Celtic to hold the minutes silence and I notice Rodgers is wearing a poppy.

OK the wording over the tannoy was a bit cringey
‘Brave decision’ FFS!
Celtic fans are becoming a parody of themselves. What a weird bunch. Like liverpool fans.

Heres a suggestion. If you cant shut the fuck up for 2 mins to pay respects to people who gave their lives, thousands of whom were roman catholics, thousands of whom were irish, thousands of whom were celtic fans, maybe stay in the pub til after kick off.

Sorry if im generalising. Dont really mean to .

Would love to hear someone defend them ….
Rodgers has publicly distanced himself from his brother.

Rodgers brother has been photographed carrying coffins of Dissidents

Rodgers is far from the worst. I sat outside St Mirrens ground waiting to pick my mate up after Rodgers Celtic had dropped points in a midweek game. Players came out and just brushed past all the kids waiting on autographs. Only Anton Ferdinand signed a few. Out comes Rodgers and I reckon it took him 20 minutes to get on the team bus. Signed autographs and had his photo took with supporters of both clubs. Says a helluva lot about the man. I also couldn’t believe how short he is.
He is a decent bloke. He is very short as well.
When did the poppy become so divisive? Was it the rise of the Green Brigade?

I remember an incident maybe 15/20 years ago when a Dundee fans was jumped at Parkhead and was ‘stabbed’ in the face with pin on his poppy. He reported it was the wearing of the poppy that angered the Celtic supporters’ but also said it was other Celtic fans that helped him out and chased off the attackers.

It’s definitely become easier to admit you support Irish Republicanism now they are not bombing City Centres. Is this to blame for it.

Why don’t you get this at Hibs? Dundee United? Both clubs have Irish roots but both seemed to have moved on. Maybe both major Glasgow Clubs could take a lesson from them!

I just don’t get the problem. I’ve always put money in the tins and on occasion worn the poppy. People my age our grandfathers and great uncles fought and died in the second d world war. Is it too much to ask to keep quiet for a minute.

I’ve been at a game at Ibrox and didn’t agree with the minutes silence. I just sat on my seat and said nothing. It’s not difficult. Just shut the fuck up and let others pay their respects!!!
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