CFG looking to buy Anderlecht


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8 Jul 2007
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City of course
What would happen if we even got drawn against them in Europe?

Er we would play them

Wouldn't there be some sort of conflict of interests, match rigging, the like?

I assume if that were the case then the deal wouldn’t be allowed?

UEFA would review the ownership of both club before permitting both to play in the same competition and may decide that only one can enter, this was the situation when both Red Bul teams qualified

"Having finished as runners-up in their in the German top flight, RB Leipzig gained entry to continental football for the first time, specifically the UEFA_Champions_League 2017–18 UEFA Champions League for which Red Bull Salzburg had also qualified as Austrian champions this raised the issue of a possible conflict of interest between the clubs due to the level of influence exerted by Red Bull over both teams and the close sporting relationship between them in various aspects.After examining the operational structures during June 2017, declared themselves satisfied under their regulations that the two clubs (particularly Salzburg) were suitably independent from the Red Bull corporation, and sufficiently distinct from one another, for both be admitted to their competitions"

Mid Wales blue

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30 Jan 2017
So long as they’re not rebranded with City in the name then it’s not a bad shout for them. Access to our scouting systems (like Liverpool), youth players and management team and it will safeguard their finances.
It’s the little things that puts a smile on a weary face!


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12 Nov 2018
Makes sense. I thought Kompany moving there was part of a larger scheme to buy them up and now here's the proof, mostly.

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