Champions League Final | Post-Match Thread


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17 Aug 2015
A potential positive maybe it might spur the players on to prove themselves next season - a cl and league win this eason as well as possibly a euros win for some players might have meant next season being a bit of a write off where the hunger was just not there. Also if we get to the final more or is could be there to witness a first win


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30 Apr 2009
The strangest thing was that the players that were rested and the system that was working spectacularly well all indicated that the 11 players that we thought would play Would indeed be picked.We go through all that only to change it at the last minute, move Gundo back move Foden centrally put Sterling on the wing and leave Fern on the bench. Even if you thought you had seen something at least start with the 11 that were working like a machine and then change it.

This all stems from the time at Barca where the players persuaded him to play the usual way and lost 4-0 to Real Madrid. He has never forgotten that. He may have been right and we would have lost by a bigger margin playing our usual way but unfortunately I doubt it.
Good post, but it was at Bayern they lost to Madrid, not Barca.

But I agree that’s where this tinkerman in the biggest games started.

At Barca he pretty much played the exact same team for 4 years straight, and they’re the best team of all time.


The personnel in the front 3 changed season to season, but the shape didn’t. Messi sometimes played down the middle, sometimes from the right.

But the shape, and the personnel in that back 6 didn’t change. Everyone knew how they were going to play, but they couldn’t do anything to stop them, because they were just too good.

It’s been a recurring theme during his time with us. Generally when we’ve played 433, we are unstoppable, teams cannot live us. When he starts dicking about and playing novelty formations, we tend to go to shit.

Imagine in that Barca team above if in a final he dropped Busquets and played Xavi as a number 6? Would never happen in a million years.
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12 Sep 2012
A lot of teams that lose in a final go on to win the competition shortly afterwards. These clubs all lost in a final then went on to win it within 3 seasons.

Real Madrid lost final in '64 before winning in '66.
Ajax lost in '69 before winning in '71/'72/'73.
Hamburg lost in '80 before winning in '83.
Juve lost in '83 before winning in '85.
Marseille lost in '91 before winning in '93.
Milan lost in '93 before winning in '94.
Bayern lost in '99 before winning in '01.
Milan lost in '05 before winning in '07.
Bayern lost in '12 before winning in '13.
Liverpool lost in '18 before winning in '19.

There are quite a few teams that lost in a final and never got back there. But when you look at those teams we're comfortably better than any of them were (with the exception of PSG who've only had one shot at it). They include:

Reims, Valencia, Fiorentina, Frankfurt, Partizan, Panathinaikos, Leeds, Saint-Etienne, Monchengladbach, Brugge, Malmo, Roma, Sampdoria, Leverkusen, Monaco, Arsenal, Spurs and PSG.

There's nothing scientific in this what-so-ever. I'm just trying to make the point that this City team will win the competition one day. We'll get another chance and IMO it will be soon.


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7 Jan 2009
Off topic but does anyone know when Khaldoon’s end of season review will appear on the OS? A few answers on FFP, super league and the Porto fiasco would help heal the wounds.

It will be the same corporate speak. We've done fantastic, exceptional in the circumstances, better than expected, we've gone close, will try hard again next year.

All true of course but don't expect anything unknown.

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