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burning blue soul

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25 Dec 2008
sun, sand, sea....thats right, im at rhyl sun ctr
That's a funny comment. I think everybody at this point, can pinpoint the Man City starting 11 that would be starting the final. You guys have a drop in quality when it comes to attacking players on the bench. That's not to mention that Chelsea pretty much played their weakened teams the last 2 times we beat you. The fact that Ziyech and Alonso (the two players who scored winners against you) are likely not to start the final, goes to tell you a lot about this Chelsea team. We have a bigger room for change in our starting 11.
The problem you have, and most other teams fans have, is that City do not play in a classic system that you recognise.
Strikers, midfielders, defenders.
We don't do that.... we play a holistic way (remember that getting laughed at in the Pellegrini days?)
We have the most players scoring goals into double figures than any other previous champion. Goals scored from everywhere.
We have one of the meanest defences in the league.
Your defense cannot target our striker, because we have 7 of them. Midfielders we have 10, defenders we have 8. And that isn't even mentioning the goalkeeper that has a bag of tricks like Paul Daniels.
City have rotated the players very intelligently (check our current injury list). If we change 9 players there will be a drop, but if we change 2 or 3 the change is negligible. Because, they play as a smaller inter-changable constituent part of a bigger machine.
Win or lose Man City will play our style. You may win playing your style (anything can happen in a one off game), but eventually, maybe 5 years from now, you will be playing the City way. The holistic way, that you, at the moment, can't comprehend.
We are the current under 18, Prem 2 and full Premier league champions 2021, your lessons will begin on Saturday night.
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Zin 'messiah' Zimmer

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6 May 2009
over the rainbow
Taking over my thoughts far to much, making it drag

Pep has managed to eradicate most ‘typical city’ from memory, in a positive way, I really don’t see Chelsea living with us at full throttle, however it is a final and forces bigger than performance can always be at hand...

An early goal to settle the nerves and we could strangle the life out of them

Going 3-1, Kev to dominate with a couple
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