Champions League Final | Ticket received - Where are you sat?

In the 2005 final the first 10 rows or so behind the goals were covered up. I expect because you couldn't see past the halfway line from down there. Doesn't seem to be the same for this final.
It’s possible that in 2005, the stadium was still set up for its original purpose - Istanbul’s failed bid for the 2008 Olympics. It may have been modified since then to improve the sight lines for football.
But I’m just guessing.
I may have the worst one so far. 902 on the third tier, row 86 (€180). Granted we did get them through the UEFA ballot. Happy to just be in the stadium tbh. I did read on the article below that in 2005 you could walk freely between the tiers but I reckon its all changed since then.

Just got the Sportsworld flight itinerary for the one day flight, it states please leave after the final whistle, are they allowing for extra time and penalties, and it will mean we don't get to see the presentation ]
Some more info has been added onto the UEFA website for us on the day trip ...

After the final whistle​

Head back towards the Fan Zone to access the shuttle buses and coaches heading to your desired location, either one of the airports or Yenikapi Metro Station!

Supporters on charter flights

If your charter flight is scheduled to depart right after the match, please confirm with your tour operator that a coach from the stadium to the airport has been booked for you. If this is the case, your coach will pick you up at P25, located by the Fan Zone.

It does look like there may be priority to get back to the charter flights. It's a 40min journey so we should have plenty of time even if it goes to penalties.

Also note this, as we land at 12:35 there's no point rushing to get on one before 1pm (unlikely anyway) ...

Check your flight times:

• If you arrive BEFORE 13:00, the shuttles will drop you off at the Man City Transport Hub in Yenikapi, so you can use the time to explore the UEFA Champions Festival or Istanbul. From 13:00, please hop on the shuttle bus to the Fan Zone from here.

• If you arrive AFTER 13:00, the shuttles will go straight to the Man City Fan Zone at the stadium so you can join the pre-match celebrations.


Have your return boarding pass ready before you touch down in Istanbul. This will significantly speed up the departure process after the match.
Has anyone else not had ticket email yet? Checked inbox and junk folder and not there.
I had the same issue up to 2pm today. Contacted the UEFA support desk who told me the tickets had been issued and were on the app. I checked again and still couldn’t see them. In the end I deleted the uefa app, loaded it again from App Store, put in my email and clicked the button asking them to resend the registration code. Worked straight away. Might be worth a try

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