Champions League Final | Tickets - City Official Package + UEFA Tickets


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27 Aug 2008
I read all the info on the latest email, transport from airport to fan zone. Free shuttle from fan zone to stadium. However there doesn’t appear to be any info about transport back to the airport after the game
Have I missed something

wrist band on the plane then guides outside the ground showing you where the coaches are

aiming to have all coaches going within 45 mins of final whistle apparently

The Ox

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4 Sep 2008
Flight 15
With all this paperwork and hoops to jump through I’ve come to realise its harder to get out of England than it is to get in ffs


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24 Sep 2008
Anyone that knows me knows I am genuine and can be trusted. @Bill and @Ric can vouch for me. Currently in a restaurant in Porto with my wife (who doesn’t have a ticket) waiter advised that the restaurant owner has 2 tickets in the area of uefa presidential party but he can’t go due to work commitments. Here’s the thing he wants 1000 euros per ticket. I tried to get it down but that’s the deal. I’m not paying that but If any ticketless fans want them then PM me and I will advise details. This is genuine and not a wind up but they are nervous about advertising them on the web so PM me and I will advise phone no and location of tickets.

I promise there is nothing in it for me and am only trying to help so hold back on abuse. If it’s not for you as it isn’t for me then pass but if you’re genuine and desperate and willing to pay these are excellent seats probably by the trophy presentation

i don’t know the face value of these so hope I’m not breaking any rules


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18 Dec 2008
Is anyone on this thread out there already? What's the atmosphere like? Are there more City fans than Chelsea fans?
I would say 3 or 4 to 1 in city's favour but some absolute dicks about regardless.

We should be able to enjoy the occasion alongside Chelsea fans with the shit we've all dealt with in the last 15 months.

Some twats need to grow up.


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12 May 2011
Still laughing at Chelsea sending 800 tickets back. I have a decent loyalty points total, but didn't even get close to getting a ticket.

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