Chelsea (A) | Post-Match Thread

Otamendi's Beard

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11 Jul 2007
We were IN-CRED-I-BLE.

Bernardo was next level good until the very final whistle.

Dias an absolute leader and to a man we were outstanding. Should've been 4-0.


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1 Aug 2019
Team supported
Is that the game which will help some fans realise what a player Rodri is?

Jesus isn't Kane but helps us defend from the front in a manner impossible for Kane or Lukaku. We forced Chelsea to defend like a small club because of the energy and intensity of Jesus, Foden, Bernardo...

Also, Cancelo is on a diffetent level to Zinch. Superb footballer.

Shame Cancelo and Rodri weren't in form in May, with them, Laporte and Jesus in the starting XI we were winning the CL.

Berts Neck

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2 Jan 2014
Ruben is the best defender in world football, hands down

Such a mature performance from a team that’s been there and got the T-shirt, shame on those fannies last week spouting ‘season over’…

We’re the best team in this league and think it will be between us and the dippers as the season draws on, we could do with the same again next week!
Nice post but Chelsea are our main threats, we have just beaten them ..dippers will fade, rags choked again..haha off to celebrate..what a match.

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