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5 Jul 2009
Somewhere Over The Rainbow....
Fuckin BRILLIANT! So Josep Guardiola CAN LEARN!! That first half performance was perfection, & all that was missing was a goal.

This is exactly what we should have done in the CL Final, & I think all his recent criticism has made Pep refocus & realise that we need our best on form players, in our preferred formation, against the best teams in our biggest matches.

From 1-11 our players were a fuckin credit to Manchester City Football Club! The pressing, the passing, & the desire to put right the CL Final, & last week's stalemate against Southampton makes me so proud of our football staff & players.

Jesus, Grealish, Rodri, Cancelo, Walker, Laporté & Dias were absolutely immense, but my MoTM has to be Bernardo! He was everywhere, & doing everything to make things happen in attack, midfield & defence.

Last season, he'd have been dropped for a returning Foden & KDB, but this season Pep did what he should do, & played him on merit, & we saw what he can do.

With ManUre losing at home, & Chelsea being a direct rival, this weekend will probably belong to Liverpool, but thankfully for us we've made a massive statement of intent, which will make the whole of Europe sit up & crap their y-fronts & g-strings.

We became a bit ragged in the last 3rd of the match because Chelsea had to come at us, but that presented us with opportunities which we were denied in the first have because of Chelsea's negative smash & grab tactics.

It's early days, but days like today make up for Spurs & Southampton. Hopefully it's onwards & upwards from here on in... :-)

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16 May 2013
This is what our squad has been able to do over the last decade. Stop doubting them. Not saying we win every week but we are always in with a chance. Actually we should be favourites every game.

Brilliant result. Fully deserved. Excellent day. And what a team performance. Again !


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26 Apr 2010
Great effort and performance by all , to keep them to no shots on target in their patch is an incredible effort.

Thoroughly deserved win and a good boost for PSG.
The Old Man first helped me on to the 75 bus at the corner of Stretford Road and Lloyd Street to see our beloved Blues in September 1959.

We put 4 past the champions, Wolves, that day. But they put 6 past Bert Trautmann, my initiation into 'Typical City'!.

I'll admit that there have been odd occasions when I've wondered what life would've been like had The Old Man helped me on to the 112 or 113 buses to the 'other place' instead.

But no matter what City have put me, my Blue family and other Blue friends through over the years, all the heartache and stress has been absolutely worth the going through when you get days like these, with us winning against the odds at Chelsea to make a statement to the rest and The Red Filth getting spanked at home by Villa!

What a performance! What a squad! What a manager! Now, come on lads, reset for PSG and give us your (amazing to watch) best again!

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